20 May 2007

Wrong Turn

05 May 2007

Carrie (Special Edition)

Devil Times Five

Even if horror isn't your cup of tea, at least the eclectic cast should pique your curiosity. - Cinematical

Although the beginning of the movie will certainly test your patience, once the shit starts hitting the fan you will be glued to your seat, and the final 30 minutes or so are slasher heaven. - Lance Vaughan at Retro Slashers

Cast includes Boss Hogg (Dukes of Hazzard) unhappily married to Rosario (Will & Grace) with Leif as one of the killer kids plus his real life sister and mother! See DVD Drive-in for an excellent overview.

I have vague recollections from long ago of a little Leif Garrett in the woods in an oddly-edited film, so I'll be giving this another viewing.

Final Girl didn't care for it. In her honor, I will actually be making a grilled-cheese sandwich during the slo-mo scene. Sounds like they totally should have included an shorter 40-minute alternate cut on the DVD without the filler.

I'll add my thoughts after I give this another viewing...

01 May 2007