19 November 2007

Tim Burton to make FRANKENWEENIE feature

Variety reports that Tim Burton will expand his 1984 short film FRANKENWEENIE into a feature for Walt Disney Pictures. The original live-action version is a spoof of the classic FRANKENSTEIN about a young boy who brings his dead dog back to life through mad-science means. It was previously available on DVD on the now-out-of-print NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Special Edition. The new film will be created via stop-motion animation and exhibited in 3-D. Following the success of the theater 3-D release of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Burton will also helm a 3-dimensional ALICE IN WONDERLAND for Disney. The director next has the bloody musical SWEENEY TODD hitting theaters next month.

This news story very slightly adapted from Fangoria online. Check out issue #269 of their print edition magazine, on sale in December, for an exclusive Sweeney Todd set visit!

From The Concession Stand:
hot dog with ketchup

The Special Edition Nightmare DVD that includes the original Frankenweenie is wicked spendy on Amazon - if you're hoping for a deal, click here to check current eBay prices. The original Frankenweenie VHS is currently selling for around $8 on both eBay and Amazon. Most certainly the original will be on the upcoming DVD release of the new animated Frankenweenie.


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Tim Burton has a twisted mind. I love his work.