06 August 2009

Pandemonium AKA Thursday the 12th (1982)

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the hard-to-find horror spoof Pandemonium on ThisTV. The working title was Thursday the 12th, which they changed when another film titled Saturday the 14th was slated for release. Can you believe it?

If you're lucky enough to be in an area that has "this" awesome television channel, and you enjoy goofiness, you can see it when it airs again on August 18th and 21st. I'll be writing a review to be posted soon.

Imagine if a "Scary Movie" spoof was released in early 1982, set at a cheerleading camp, with only movies prior to that date existing to parody. It stars a Smothers Brother, Paul Reubens, Carol Kane as a "Carrie White" and Debralee Scott (known to me only from Welcome Back Kott-air and Match Game) as a hitch-hiking "Annie" from the original Friday the 13th, Judge Reinhold from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and more. I don't want to give too much away, but there's even a nod to Happy Birthday To Me, one of my very favorites.

I'm sure there are references I didn't catch, so I hope you'll share them with me here whenever you happen to come across this post and are able to see Pandemonium!


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