28 January 2010

There's Always Room For Giallo

Jell-O introduced that slogan in 1964, and I love that pun, because like Jell-O, giallo has a reputation for being brightly colored, and not very substantial.

However, not all giallo is in color - author Tim Lucas, who has provided commentary on the Bava #1 box set I'm starting with, tells us that La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo or The Girl Who Knew Too Much is generally regarded as the first giallo film, in black & white. This makes it my choice to kick off this year's exploration into the world of giallo.

This trailer is so dee-luscious, I'm reluctant to watch the actual movie. I don't see how it could possibly be as awesome as this trailer makes it look.

Review to follow at my leisure.


merricat said...

RE: the title - that may be the best pun ever.

David said...

That is an excellent appraisal of, what I have only recently discovered, is in my opinion one of Fulci's best films. I had only really seen his zombie / "horror" films before I saw this recently, and it has made me appreciate him as a director on a whole new level. Yes it's unpleasant, and yes accusations of misogyny could be levelled, but personally I feel it fits the extreme Giallo genre very, very well.

chair rentals said...

Keep on posting!!

kurdes said...

it is very interesting :)