23 February 2008

I got the eBay blues...

I had my eye on an original Embassy-release VHS copy of Deadly Blessing that had finally come along with a low starting bid and wasn't attracting any attention, and I lost out at the last minute by 25 cents. :(

Winning bid: $1.91. Yeah. I don't like to enter a higher bid in the beginning, so the price doesn't get run up too early. I just like to mark my territory. About five hours out, I was checking in every half-hour or so up until about an hour and a half before the end of the auction, and I was the only bidder when I fell asleep. The next day I found that there was only one other bid that went uncontested for the rest of the remaining time. Don't you hate when that happens?!

And which one of you was it? I want to know! I challenge you to a duel!

Well, at times like these I always think, if I suddenly had the money to buy everything at once, it wouldn't be very much fun.

After scoping out the competition, however, I saw that they paid a silly price for Still Breathing starring Brendan Fraser, which now in this context sounds like a great title for a horror film, but alas it's not a horror film, and it's really not very good, although I enjoy Mr. Fraser very much. The history shows it's been selling at a rather high price consistently. I'm always falling over copies of it everywhere I go looking for other movies. I own two, that I paid a dollar each for, only because he makes a neato marionette out of soda cans at one point and I wanted to try to make one myself. The person on set who actually made the marionette in the movie actually answered my post on IMDB! Isn't it cool when that happens?!

Now those two VHS cassettes will get me an easy $20 to buy me a copy of Deadly Blessing and a few more! Thanks, BlueLeaf31!