18 February 2008

Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians

In honor of Presidents' Day, I watched The Washingtonians episode of the Masters of Horror series.

It was pretty silly.

Now, I try to abide by the Showtime At The Apollo creed of not critiquing kids. I have a feeling this little girl was only following direction and the script, but as a reviewer on Amazon put it, she'll have you rooting for the cannibals.

I always have a difficult time deciding just how much to say about a film spoiler-wise. I think the less said about this one the better, as there's not all that much to it, and those few clever little details are really the highlight of the whole film on this one. It's just kinda fun, silly, and short, on par with a made-for-tv movie on Lifetime without any known actors.

Who? This episode drove me to the web to look into what made director Peter Medak a "Master of Horror" and all I found was The Changeling which seems to be fairly popular, but not all that high on my list. And rumor has it he was replaced as the director of Cujo. I did see a movie on his resume that looks promising: The Ruling Class from 1972 described as "a comedy starring Peter O'Toole as a British nobleman who thinks he is Jesus Christ". I read Romeo Is Bleeding and I must have confused it with Romeo Must Die if I ever came across it, because if it stars Gary Oldman, I really should have seen it by now. The Masters of Horror website noted at the time he was reportedly working on a movie called Inamorate produced by Johnny Depp.

Did I say Apollo Creed? lol


ARBOGAST said...

You should see The Ruling Class, it's a lot of fun.

Bloody Mary said...

Okay, I have! Well! That was an experience! I wasn't expecting anything like horror but it rather turned out that way, didn't it?

O'Toole is pretty awesome.

street music said...

I want whatever he was taking in that picture.