13 February 2009

The New Friday the 13th : First Impressions


Did Awesome Day fall on Friday, February 13th this year?  Did the horror gods on high hear my humble prayer?  Because, by gosh and by golly, I wasn't disappointed!

Am I actually going to trade in the contents of my piggy bank, literally, to see this again this very weekend?  I am!  

I very nearly flung my Junior Mints everywhere at the opening lightning strike.  And the first Jason appearance.  And the second.  And the following jump scare.  I held my breath as the opening cast appeared and slowly realized the dialogue...wasn't inspiring instant ridicule?  Nay, was amusing?  A sleeping bag kill homage!  And then when the title screen popped up striking all forty of us in the theater momentarily dumb, and we let out a collective breath and began to giggle as one guy said aloud for all of us, "That was the opening?!" I allowed myself to believe everything was going to be okay!  

Tonight filled the hole left in my heart of horrors by my horribly mismanaged expectations of Hatchet.  I dorked out the entire five-minute drive home, giggling and clapping on a happy high. Apparently the early word seems to be harsh (as I write this, a 27% on the Tomatometer?  Really?).  An hour later, I'm beginning to go over everything once again with a slightly critical eye (how badly did I want to see Padalecki go into that chipper?) , but all-in-all, it's Friday the 13th, the waiting is over, and verily I say unto thee, it was good.

The Morning After: Oh!  I'm feeling so badly that so many fans were so disappointed.   I feel like we've all been to a birthday party, where I was having a lovely time, until someone started crying and then five more kids started crying, and now all the parents are here to pick us up and there isn't going to be any cake. :(



Anonymous said...

I'm gratified to see that not only did you like the new Friday the 13th -- which you know I did, as well -- but you hated Hatchet. When I came across the latter movie, I got all excited because it was supposed to be "old school horror" and as an added bonus it had Kane Hodder in it. But wow did it blow.

The critical negatives for Friday the 13th I can understand, because critics always hate horror movies, but I don't get why horror fans are nitpicking the movie to death when they're willing to accept junk like Hatchet without complaint. Nispel's Friday the 13th might not be flawless, but it is a pitch-perfect execution (no pun intended) of slasher horror.

What did people want?

Bloody Mary said...

Yeah, I kinda threw a tantrum over Hatchet. I was ranting then the way many horror fans are ranting now over F13.

I meant to follow up here on my blog on Hatchet after seeing the DVD. I was less incensed but liked it only slightly more. Adam Green was just so adorable and after my own heart in the making-of extras that I wanted to like it more, but I just really didn't.

thebonebreaker said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the film as well :-)

Anonymous said...

I restored my Hatchet review over the weekend, and will see about getting all of the LeatherMania 2008™ posts back up this weekend, given time and energy to do so. At least now you can read how much I hated, hated, hated, Hatchet.