20 February 2009


I must spend today making a few screencaps of favorite moments from Friday the 13th III through IX, as they are rented and due back Saturday.  

Today I also plan to watch The Ruins on TiVo.  Tonight, I am going to see Twilight at our college student union theater, but only because admission is a dollar.  I can see it cheaper on the big screen rather than renting it later.  

I'm planning on posting a few thoughts on the new Friday the 13th and completing a review of the newly-released uncut DVD of the first Friday the 13th (1980) for the Final Girl Film Club before the due date on Monday.  

If I don't show up, send out a search party!  And be sure to split up!  (No, in the event my cable provider absolutely can't wait five days for me to submit the 37 dollar discrepancy from the payment they received on the 3rd, just sit tight.  I'll be back on Wednesday or thereabouts.  I told you I blew my entertainment budget this month!) 


Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to do screencaps for my reviews. I just rely on a torrent of words to create pictures in your MIND!

Looking forward to your reviews.

mandingo said...

Great blog.

I think I will come back and spend some more time with you when everyone is over this 'Friday the 13th' kick.

Good luck...

Corey said...

i shall never get over my 'friday the 13th' kick!

mary, i'm anxious to hear what you thought of 'the ruins.'

Bloody Mary said...

Mandingo: Ugh, I KNOW...I burnt myself out on it by watching all of the Friday the 13th movies back-to-back and now I can't even muster the energy to follow up on ANY of it, even the Final Girl Film Club review...

Corey: I'll post a note about it soon! Hopefully NOT like that The Mist review I told you in December of 2007 would happen momentarily! I just found your post from last March about the B/W version, so I'm going to give it a spin!

mandingo said...

I said the same thing to another guy who had an interesting, eclectic blog early on, but seemed inexplicably to have become possessed by this one movie all of a sudden.

He replied with all the defiance he could muster- 'I will NEVER get over my 'Friday the 13th' Kick!!

Said it all, really...

Tell me this, Bloody Mary; I have not had the stamina to venture where you have just been.

Did they all kind of congeal into one big blob of horror, or was there some scant discernible distinction from installment to installment?

(especially of interest to me if you sconed ALL the originals, and the remake in one gutsy go!)

mandingo said...

And it was another guy besides 'Corey' who had been bitten by the 'Friday the 13th bug, BTW! (funny they used the exact same words)

Corey's passion has inspired me to go back over a couple of them, actually; had a look at 'part three' again last night, and had forgotten how good it holds up.

I would also like to know what you both thought of the 'Ruins', which I am about to watch in a minute, after I have finished 'Timber Falls'...which is pretty damned good. I am up to the 'babies in the jar bit' (no more spoilers-the babies are on our video cover) but had to stop for company.

Keep the faith! I just went over to my best mates website a moment ago, and even he has been caught up in the Jason fever!!

(at least it's a break from hearing about 'Slumdog'...)

Bloody Mary said...

I did indeed watch ALL the originals, and saw remake TWICE. They can all run together, but there are things about each to distinguish them. I just have difficulty remembering what happened in which. I'm currently making CliffsNotes for myself for each movie calling them "The One With...." so I can refer to that rather than trying to resort it out over & over.

Bloody Mary said...

Oh, and "Sam" (first to comment on this post) just completed writing about each on his blog. He practically made all the same points I thought of, but he is a much better writer. I wouldn't hold your breath for mine! :)

I will weigh in on The Ruins shortly, I promise.