04 December 2007

Doh! Will Smith gives away ending of "I Am Legend" (but reporters don't)

TOKYO - Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence, and producer Akiva Goldsman were in Tokyo Tuesday, promoting their new movie I Am Legend. Smith, 39, had a busy day, visiting the U.S. base at Yokota in the morning, before being flown back to Roppongi in a Black Hawk helicopter. He will attend the Japan premiere of "I Am Legend" on Wednesday night before heading to South Korea. - from Japan Today

TOKYO - Will Smith had the producer of his latest film holding his head in anguish on Tuesday after the actor gave away the ending of I Am Legend.

Speaking at a Tokyo news conference, Smith inadvertently revealed the plot, prompting co-producer and co-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to shout: "Don't give away the ending!"

Press handlers asked all present to keep the ending a secret, so as not to spoil it for viewers.

The movie premieres simultaneously in the United States and Japan on December 14.

Reporting by Toshi Maeda, writing by George Nishiyama,
Photos by Koji Sasahara & Kim Kyung-Hoon