07 December 2007

Movies Rock: The Blood Brothers

If you subscribe to any Condé Nast magazines, you got a copy of their supplemental Movies Rock magazine last month. (There's a program of the same name on CBS tonight, but it looks entirely lame.) The magazine had a photo feature called Sight & Sound that included two horror portraits. One, titled Blood Brothers, was composed of a homicidal Marilyn Monroe look-alike posing with two of her victims Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. The other, The Fright Club is a portrait of Tim Burton with Johhny Depp as Sweeney Todd.

I scanned & cropped Marilyn as I thought it might make an interesting desktop wallpaper. Supersize it!

The left panel of the photo had Quentin sprawled out on the floor - I'll scan it a bit later, along with the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton photo. Right now, I'm off to see The Golden Compass!

As I received several copies of the magazine, I might do a giveaway or two if there's any interest. You know, after I start getting a little traffic through here and someone reads this one day. Leave a comment!


jordan said...

can you scan the "fright club" picture im dying to see it!